mainBefore this web-site saw the light in 2009, there had been eight years of restaurant business. All these years, the major source of joy and inspiration has been Italy, the first acquaintance having taken place in early 1990's. Since then I've been in thrall to its infinite charm. Yes, Italy. So, you'll find much of it in my restaurants. But in fact don't look for the word ristorante, as it is not available on the signs. Instead, there is osteria Pantagruel with home-made pasta, there is pizzeria Napulè with Neapolitan pizza baked in a wood-fired oven, there is boutiquebar Biancoro with traditional aperitivo and artisanal cocktails, there is O'Cafe with true espresso, cappuccino, marocchino and affogato... Far and by, the work is in progress. 

Though, happiness of welcoming guests always neighbours with anxiety, because each time we are passing a test. Each your visit whether it is first or thousandth is always a clean slate that we wish to fill in with your pleasure and not with our mistakes. And we do care.

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