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8efbc8902ada926880b29f6fe6a721d8Of all our restaurants, boutiquebar Biancoro seems to be the most cosmopolitan. Biancoro is not just a convinient place to have lunch or dinner, to drink a glass of prosecco or champagne, or to meet your business partners or friends enjoying a perfect espresso. Biancoro is the territory of traditional Italian aperitivo, a possibility to turn the page of the day and set yourself up for a dinner while not bothering yourself with reading the menu what can be easier than a glass of wine accompanied by stuzzichini?..


0c2e86e44a285a164e42041a889f9853And now let's come to the point: they make cocktails very well in Biancoro. Nope, lets say in the other way... There would be no Biancoro without cocktails. There would be something else, but not Biancoro. Indeed, Biancoro cocktails are not just well made ones, these are the cocktails arts by a wonderful barista Irina Mashikhina. It is her passion. And her charisma. If you like cocktails, come to Mashikhina, it's a must! And if you do think cocktails are those mixtures served at night clubs, come to Mashikhina too, and you'll change your mind. It was on Mashikhina's and Biancoro's initiative that Maestro Salvatore Calabrese, King Cocktail Dale DeGroff, Simon Ford, and Tony Abou-Ganim visited Kiev. Those were not just visits. Still further, they gave master-classes and were personally making cocktails for Biancoro's guests including, among others, also their name, legendary ones.

Summer sparkling wine festivals has become another important tradition at Biancoro. We held first three of them in 2010 and since that time every summer sets new festival season a unique possibility to try by the glass interesting rare sparkling wines. For the past seven years Biancoro has already hosted wine houses of Taittinger, Billecart Salmon, Ferrari, Cadel Bosco, Henriot, Bellavista, Nino Franco, Juvé y Camps. And that is just the beginning

Kiev, 4, Basseinaya St., Mandarin Plaza, 3rd floor 
+38 044 498 34 68 
open: 10.00 a.m. - 10.00 p.m. 
aperitivo time: tue - sat, from 6 till 7 p.m.

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