15.09.2017   Specials from Chef Costantino Passalacqua (from September, 15)
  • Fried squash flowers stuffed with ricotta served with aromatic tomato sauce - 219.00
  • Carpaccio of fresh porcini mushrooms with parmigiano and thyme - 165.00
  • Veal tartar with fresh porcini mushrooms in lemon sauce - 325.00
  • Potato gnocchi with mozzarella di bufala, fresh tomatoes, and pesto - 209.00
  • Large pappardelle with chantarel mushrooms, arugula, and parmigiano - 189.00
  • Saffron fettuccine Sicilian style with fresh sardines, pine nuts, raisins, and sun-dried tomatoes - 249.00
  • Lasagna with gorgonzola and prosciutto cotto - 179.00
  • Sea bass escalope with fresh porcini mushrooms - 385.00
  • Glilled veal fillet in balsamico sauce with parmigiano, batata, and sage - 279.00
  • Pine nut tarta with white chocolate; served with ice-cream - 119.00

28.04.2017   New menu at Biancoro
Please see and taste our new menu items from Biancoro's beloved chef Aleksey Zolnikov:
  • Salad of smoke-cured salmon and mixed salad;
  • Quail salad with cherry tomatoes, and romaine lettuce;
  • Salmon carpaccio;
  • Tuna carpaccio;
  • Fish consomme;
  • Stuffed cattlefish with Nero Venere rice, and tomato-and-basil sauce;
  • Baked red snapper with quinoa, spinach, tomato concasse, and lemongrass sauce;
  • Octopus with sauteed tomatoes and olives;
  • Veal on the bone with bulgur and juniper sauce;
  • Veal tongue on a bed of parsley puree and onion confit.
You are welcome))

16.04.2017   New specials from Chef
Welcome to taste our new specials from Chef:
  • beef tartar with aubergine paste and shoti toasts;
  • fried chicken with Georgian spicies;
  • kupaty (pork sausages).

27.02.2017   Lenten menu'2017
  • Chickpea hummus served with mix of green salad, mint and basil, lime and orange zest, cherry tomatoes, and grated almonds - 189.00
  • Chef's Tabbouleh with bulgur, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, carrots, green celery, red onion, and aromatic herbs - 169.00
  • Tagliatelle made of zucchini and carrots with sun dried porcini mushrooms sauce - 169.00
  • Linguine sauteed with roasted sweet pepper and tomatoes, capers and olives - 189.00
  • Traditional baked apple with honey and walnuts - 55.00

27.02.2017   Lenten menu'2017
  • Pizza Fantasia Vegetariana (with cherry tomatoes, taggiasche olives, basil, origano, frisee, walnut, scallion) - 169.00
  • Pizza Porini e Spinaci  (with ceps and spinach) - 189.00
  • Avocado guacamole with fresh spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes, red onion, and baked squash - 189.00
  • Hummus of yellow lentils with avocado, cherry tomatoes and arugula - 189.00
  • Whole grain flour spaghetti Primavera sauteed with mix of vegetables and aromatic herbs- 139.00
  • Linguine with pesto of arugula and pine nuts, with fried skinned tomatoes - 199.00
  • Orecchiette sauteed with broccoli, ceps, and chopped black olives - 179.00

02.02.2017   New dishes from Olexiy Zolnikov
Don't miss a chance to taste new dishes in our menu. Our Chef has been diligent as ever))
- Warm roasted vegetables salad with brynza cheese;
- Porcini mushroom pie;
- Brisket pie with demi-glace sauce;
- Lobster tail with green pea purée and bisque sauce;
- Australian beef ribs with dried tomatoes and barbeque sauce.
You are welcome.

03.11.2016   New oyster season
Here at Biancoro we have opened a new oyster season. We are serving Ostra Regal Speciale #2. "Irish spirit, French touch" - they say about it.  Welcome to taste it with mustard sauce or red wine vinaigrette sauce with Crimean onion.

15.07.2016   Sparkling wines festival. La Valle, Franciacora (from July, 15th)
The family of Pezzola, owners of the La Valle winery, usually receive guests on the job location that is, in their medieval wine cellar, where the priceless store of their own sparkling wines is being kept. There are two ways to get into their cellar: to travel to the north of Italy, to Lombardy, and find comune of  Rodengo-Saiano which is in the center of winemaking paradise Franciacorta, or to come to the opening of the new wine festival at Biancoro, that is dedicated to the La Valle wines.
Opening day of the festival will be on this Friday, 15th, with 33C in the shade.  It is only understandable that in that heat one will want to drink any cool bubbly liquid in buckets. But traditions of our festivals are unshakable we will serve flagship La Valle Primum Franciacorta Brut and rose Rosé Franciacorta Brut as usual by the glass. The first wine is called the classic example of Franciacorta. That makes it even more interesting to compare it with the explosive, as it is portrayed, aroma of rose.
This is what we invite you for. Come, compare, and indulge in every pleasure

08.06.2016   Mount Gay party at Biancoro (June, 10th)
This Friday, 10th, at Biancoro we will have a party dedicated to Mount Gay, the oldest rum in the world, that was obtained for the first time from sugarcane molasses in the year of 1703. That year began the proud history of the drink named after the first manager of the first rum production Sir John Gay Alleyne.
Three hundred years later, in 2010, Mount Gay Eclipse was acknowledged at the world competition of hard liquors in San Francisco to be the best, and this Friday, 10th, Irina Mashikhina, chief barista of Biancoro, will show with simple examples, like Coconut Daiquiri, Mai Tai, Planter's Punch, what knockdown charm of this sunshiny drink lies in.
See you soon. Yours ever.

06.06.2016   New summer specials
Welcome to taste our new special menu - summer and bright :)
  • Arugula with goat cheese, strawberries, and balsamic vinegar dressing
  • Young vegetables with mint, basil, and steamed prawns
  • Avocado with cherry tomatoes, sweet pepper, and prosciutto crudo
  • Tagliatelle sauteed with asparagus and prawns
  • Spaghetti sauteed with spicy baby-squids
  • Salmon fillet with vegetable puree
  • Grilled tuna fillet with aromatic herbs and yellow tomatoes
  • Strawberry soup with lemon marshmallow and vanilla ice-cream

01.06.2016   Sparkling wines festival season is opened. Ruinart
We declare another sparkling wines festival season at Biancoro opened.
Just under 286 years share in time the beginning of this season and origination of the hampagne Ruinart, which will start our sparkling summer. They who understand were surprised a good deal by the choice of serving this champagne by the glass. Indeed, to serve the oldest champagne in the world (during our festival these will be R de Ruinart and Rose) by the glass this demands quite a courage.
But it took far more courage for Nicolas Ruinart, far back in the year of 1729, to change safe cloth trade for the unpredictable winemaking. The Royal edict just then allowed to transport wine not only in the barrels, but also in bottles, which opened for the sparkling wines fundamentally different geographical and commercial prospects. The one who was first to see them was energetic nephew of Benedictine monk Thierry Ruinart who foresaw the great future of wine with bubbles.
arte-de-visite of Dom Ruinart is Chardonnay grapes, which is very delicate sort of grapes, that demands a lot of time, caring, and skill of a wine-maker to open its purity and incredible aroma. Flagship cuvee Blanc de Blancs (White from White) is a perfect manifestation of Ruinart style. The uniqueness of this wine lies in fact that it on 100% consists of white Chardonnay, which gives it incredible freshness, rich aroma, and stunning pale straw colour.  But it is called diamond among the champagne wines not only for its colour
Looking forward to seeing you.


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